My Trip:

January 9th-January 15th: Istanbul, Turkey.

January 15th-January 20th: Athens, Greece.

January 20th-January 24th: Rome, Italy.

January 24th-January 28th: Paris, France.

Then I will be studying abroad in Spain:

January 28th-March 15th: Granada, Spain.

Jennifer and I have really caught the travel bug so we will be going to Lisbon for a four day weekend:

February 28th-March 3rd: Lisbon, Portugal. 

I have always wanted to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland so I will be making a weekend trip over to Dublin:

March 15th-March 18th: Dublin, Ireland.

I received a grant to research microfinance programs in Rabat, Morocco so I will be spending my spring break interviewing women who are recipients of said programs:

March 23rd-March 30th: Rabat, Morocco.

Then I will go back to Spain for a little bit:

March 30th-May 26th: Granada, Spain.

Then I will go back to Morocco to study more with my study abroad program:

April 11th-April 15th: Morocco.

Then I will go back to Spain:

April 16th-May 26th: Granada, Spain.

Right after I finish studying abroad, I plan on flying off to Korea to work for Samsung over the summer. My internship is 14 weeks long. I hope to be able to make a couple weekend trips over to Japan and China but that’s still pretty up in the air right now.

May 27th-August 31st: Seoul, Korea.

Then I plan on going back to school to finish up my senior year. Right now I am talking about backpacking Machu Pichuu next winter break with my friend Brittany but that’s still pretty up in the air too.

September 1st: Berkeley, California.

Then I plan on backpacking around South America for a month.

December 26th-January 4th: Peru 

January 5th-January 11th: Bolivia 

January 12th-January 21st: Chile 

Then I will go back to Berkeley and plan my next adventure.

In Berkeley I decided I wanted to live in the jungle for a couple of years so I joined the Peace Corps and am living in El Salvador. I plan on traveling through out Central America over these next couple of years, learning Spanish, and trying to avoid getting Dengue.

July 15th 2014 – October 15th, 2016: El Salvador 


5 thoughts on “My Trip:

  1. Wow that’s a pretty awesome – and varied – trip! Glad to see it’s all going well for you! Good luck in Korea too!

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