About Me:

Aside from being a coffee fanatic, book worm, fan of pomegranates, and lifelong over-achiever, I am also a world traveler.

I was inspired to begin my travels after my Grandma Betty passed away.

She was a phenomenal lady. In her lifetime she met Fidel Castro in Cuba, was an art teacher for the blind, and traveled to 57 different countries. But, what inspires me the most about Grandma Betty is that I have never met a more optimistic person then her in my entire life. She saw the beauty in everything and never stopped smiling.

After her passing I realized that I needed to live a life achieving my dreams versus following the same path as everyone else.

A couple months after her death I started planning my first trip around the world funded through a hodge-podge of scholarships, travel grants, and internships.

I spent 2013 on 5 different continents and am still longing to travel more.

This blog is the story of my adventures from my first adventures in 2013. I hope you join me for the journey!


3 thoughts on “About Me:

  1. When are you going to blog about your first two legs of your trip: San Diego to the DC area and DC to Williams College? I can not wait to read about your adventures!

  2. hi! may i know how can you finance the life you live now coz i envy you so much? 😉 hope to travel around the world too!

    • Yeah! I am student too so funding a lot of this was tricky. The first part of my trip, backpacking around Europe, was paid for out-of-pocket, working 20 hours a week as a student. Then, the next part of my trip, studying in Spain, was paid for by a lot of merit-based scholarships that I had to work really hard to get. My research project in Morocco was funded by a grant by my school. Now I am working in Korea and my company is paying for everything. Hope this helps!

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