Staying Hungry, Staying Foolish

“You’re crazy. You know that, right?”, my friend said to me before I ran from Starbucks to Walgreens to buy a couple bottles of SPF 90+ sunscreen before I left to Hawaii to get scuba certified.swing

He’s half-right. I am perfectly sane but the last two months of my life have been a crazy whirlwind.

To quickly sum everything up:

  • I graduated from UC Berkeley
  • I received my grandmother’s gold initiation key for Phi Beta Kappa
  • I said good bye to the wonderful, quirky, amazing friends I made at Berkeley
  • I got a phone call from Peace Corps’ Washington D.C. Office that my invitation to El Salvador was revoked because of my tree nut allergy
  • Three hours after that phone call I received another phone call from the D.C. Office saying that my tree nut allergy can be accommodated in El Salvador
  • I got scuba certified in Hawaii
  • I went scuba diving in a shipwreck
  • Finally, I realized that I have no idea how to answer the question “Where are you from?” any more

Now I am getting ready for bigger challenges up ahead.

IMG_2954I am preparing to backpack 150 miles of the John Muir Trail with my friend Priya in the next week. Did I mention that Priya has never been backpacking before? She is going to be awesome though because she is a bad ass!

I am also getting ready to move to El Salvador.

On July 15th (assuming all my other Peace Corps paperwork clears), I fly to Washington D.C. Then, one day later, I fly to El Salvador to begin training in-country.

Imagining what living in a country I have never been to before for 27 months is surreal. I imagine El Salvador will remind me a lot of Bolivia but, even then, I know Central America will be very different from South America.

I also can’t imagine all of the terribly embarrassing things I will say in my broken Spanish.

Don’t worry, though, I will keep you posted on all of my embarrassing exploits!

My transition from college to the real world feels like transitioning from scripted sheet music to musical improv.

The sense of possibility and opportunity I have over my future is amazing and terrifying.

I can imagine improvising my life in so many wonderful directions like spending a summer farming lavender in the south of France to becoming a scuba diving instructor in Honduras.

On the other hand, I can also see myself struggling along some lines of music like transitioning from the Peace Corps to a “real job” or convincing my host community to trust me, a young college grad who speaks Spanish like a drunk six-year-old.

It’s definitely going to be a hell of a ride.

Also, quick side note, I plan on writing on here more frequently. Expect weekly posts on Mondays at 11 AM from here on out about my mishaps, travel recommendations, and my life as a Peace Corps volunteer. If I get lazy about this, please pester me! I really want to write more.

Happy improvising, my friends!


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