Funny Ways People Find My Travel Blog

I am a numbers person so I love tracking the amount of views my blog gets. A couple days ago my blog received over 20,000 views! About a year ago I realized that I can see what people have Googled to find my travel blog.

Some things people Google to find my blog are expected like “” or  “Julie travel blog”. Surprisingly, most of these searches are in the minority of what people search for to find my blog.

Most things people Google are very, very strange.

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My “Grandma 29” and her sisters playing with costumes

Here is an updated list of my favorite weird phrases that people have searched for and then decided to click on my blog:

“eating leeches”

Searched for 10 times! 10! 

Answer: Do not eat leeches! I imagine that the leeches would stick to the inside of your stomach and leave holes and you would have all sorts of gastrointestinal problems! Don’t do it!

“grandma 29”

Searched for 1 time.

This sounds like a hip band in the 80’s that was popular for a week and then fell out of style.

“Describe Rome in a sentence”

Searched for 1 time.

“I can’t decide if I want to eat more gelato, pizza, or pasta; what the hell- let’s order round two of everything!” –  Julie Brown

“kiss with eiffel” 

Searched for 3 times. 

Wait, wait, wait, wait. You want to kiss the Eiffel tower? Or you want to kiss someone named “Eiffel”?

The three of you who searched for this should get together and decide what you really want from this Eiffel fellow.

“purpose of love” 

Searched for 5 times. 

This is very deep, my weird-Google-searching-readers. Let’s see if I can help you out.

Scientifically speaking, the feeling of love is our brains releasing huge amounts of dopamine. Therefore, the purpose of love is 1) to procreate and 2) to protect our offspring.

Wow, now I feel like that jerk who spilled the beans that Santa Claus isn’t real.

“I finally made a good meal”

Searched for 2 times. 

Lynn, if you really want cooking tips you could just ask me.

“unhappy with flamenco”

Searched for 1 time. 

Yup, that sums up my experience in flamenco dance class in Spain pretty nicely.

“how consumption engages multiply senses like sight sound and taste”

Searched for 1 time. 

No, it engages one senses like nose.

“grandmother canes naughty boy”

Searched for 1 time. 

Well, uh, this is awkward.

“are crepes and baguettes foods from paris”

Searched for 1 time. 

Answer: Yes.

“i cleaned the ear with q-tips”

Y u search 4 such weird things?!

Y u search 4 such weird things?!

Searched for 1 time.

This describes my unfortunate experience in Korea with q-tips pretty well.

“spanish flan”/”how to make spanish flan”/”authentic spanish flan recipe”/”how to make flan”

Searched for 200+ times. 

Not that notable except it’s the second most common way people find my blog! Amparo, your flan recipe really is that good!

“white women in Korea”/”being white in Korea”/”being white in South Korea” 

Searched for 300+ times. 

This is weird because it’s by far the most common way people find my blog. I see a few people find my blog through this search variation every day.

I imagine a host of soon-to-be white English teachers about to move to Korea huddled over their computers searching for things like “where can I get peanut butter in Korea” and “will I be expected to eat kimchi” who suddenly think, “OMG! How will I be treated as a white person?!” These teachers then search for “being white in Korea” and find my blog.

Relax, soon-to-be white English teachers, Korea is a wonderful place. Prepare to be stared at but other than that you will be more than fine.

“funny travel blog” 

Searched 4 times. 

Aww, shucks! Thanks guys!


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