A Quick Hot Second in New York City

My ticket for my red-eye to New York

My ticket for my red-eye to New York

I flew into JFK at 4:52 AM this morning and have been exploring the city before an all-day interview I have tomorrow. 

I know this is weird but I feel like I need a hall pass to explore the city by myself.

I am perfectly confident in my ability to vote and to travel to foreign countries by myself but walking around New York alone just feels so… adult. 


Catching up with my friend Ijeoma while walking through the streets of New York

I feel like I can look like I blend in but I am actually an impostor

I should wear a sign around my neck saying:





Actually, on second thought, that sounds like a sure fire way to get mugged. Let’s nix the sign idea. 

But there is something that New York has that other cities around the world do not. 


Today was the first real day of spring in NYC


Grand Central Station


  On my walk home from dinner

There is something about New York that feels so big and powerful, unlike anywhere else I have been to in the world.

It’s like all the people on the streets are little fish and the intensity of life in New York is a growing tsunami wave. Sure, some little fish will make it big and ride that wave all the way to the mainland with the swelling tide but some little fish will definitely get swept up in the tsunami wave. Those fish will be forgotten forever and no one will blink an eye or know the difference because it happens all the time and that terrifies me. 

I guess that’s the thrill of New York though, the possibility of making it big versus the fear of failure. 

Even writing this from my hotel room I can hear the unceasing hum of traffic. The traffic has not slowed down all day. This city really does never sleep. 

Even though this city doesn’t sleep, I think I am going to get some shut eye. Wish me luck on my interview! I should know in the next few weeks what adventures I will be going on in the next couple years and will let you all know as soon as I am confident in my decision. 


Florida Key Lime Pie- so delicious! Highly recommended!


First time trying oysters with my Uncle Scott and Aunt Ellen! Thanks so much for dinner! These oysters were amazing.




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