Getting Spanked In Chile


Sometimes, karma is a bitch.

As we make our way sand-boarding, swimming, and bussing down the coast of Chile I have to say, the sun in Chile is freakishly strong. I grew up on the beaches of California but I would fry like a little shrimp in Chile if I didn’t apply sunscreen every hour. I am convinced the hole in the ozone layer is focused directly on this lovely country.

Now, fast forward to my conversation with Grant on the beach yesterday:

Grant: Do you guys think I should wear my Speedo to tan?
Julie: No, you will probably burn. Maybe after your shoulders get better? And, then, if you did get a sunburn you would probably burn your butt and it would make sitting down on the bus tomorrow really painful.
Grant: Oh, ok.
(Julie and Grant continue lying on their towels and reading “Shantaram” and “The Devil in the White City” in the hot Chilean sun)

As we leave the beach at 7 PM I realize that I applied so much sunscreen over the course of the day that I didn’t get burned! My always-in-the-library-pasty legs are a nice tan color! My arms have some darker freckles! My skin doesn’t resemble Gollum from Lord of the Rings anymore!! But… then I see that I did get burned… Two very-realistically-palm-sized patches of skin right below my butt got scorched . All night this sunburn feels like the spanking of a lifetime, no matter how many Advil I swallow or rubs of Aloe Vera I give my delicate rear end.

I got burned right where I told Grant he would get burned.

Well played, karma, well played.


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