The Purpose of Life

Imagine your heart is like a sponge. A nice, large, fluffy sponge.

The purpose of life is simple. All you have to do is gently squeeze all of the love in your heart back into the world.

How my friends share their love (courtesy of Ellen Mader’s Spanish 376 notes).

I imagine life is like those relay races in elementary school, when there was a bucket full of water at one end of a grassy field and an empty bucket at the other. Your team, one by one, had to dip the sponge into the bucket full of water and then sprint to the other side of the field. You would squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until all of the water was out of the sponge. One team would eventually fill the empty bucket with water and be declared the winner.

Except, in life, there are no winners. And no limit on the amount of love you can give. And how should you share your love? Well, that’s for you to decide.


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